RCNi Nurse Awards - Weds 4th July 2018 - Westminster Park Plaza, London

The Patient's Choice Award

Voting has now closed. The winner will be announced at the RCNi Nurse Awards ceremony in London on 4 July. Visit rcni.com/nurse-awards to see all of this year's finalists.

Alison Cairns

A. Alison Cairns

Renal Home Therapies Team, Altnagelvin Renal Unit, Northern Ireland

Alison Cairns says her team is 'a bit overwhelmed and totally shocked' to be nominated for such a prestigious award. She, along with Bridgeen Canning and Caroline McCloskey, of the home therapies team in the renal unit at Altnagelvin Area Hospital in Northern Ireland, were nominated by Carmel McMonagle and her husband Joe for their dedication and commitment to patients. Ms McMonagle had her kidneys removed after a cancer diagnosis and was on dialysis for seven years until Joe donated one of his kidneys. 'It has been such a journey' without the home therapies team I don't know how I would have coped,' she says. 'These nurses made sure I knew what was going on, and that I was able to get on with my life.'

Catherine Cassell

B. Catherine Cassell

Diabetic nurse, Preston Grove Medical Centre

'I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes four years ago and the stigma hit me hard,' says patient Nicola Hayes. 'Then Catherine came along; kind, caring and all that you would expect from a nurse.' Ms Hayes and fellow patient Stephen Pacey have nominated their practice nurse Catherine Cassell, who works at Preston Grove Medical Centre in Somerset. They say her knowledge, enthusiasm and 'dogged determination' have changed their lives and inspired many patients. With Catherine's help, Stephen has improved his overall health and well-being, and resolved his pre-diabetes. 'I doubt if I could have achieved all that I have without her help,' he says.

Jamilla Kausar

C. Jamilla Kausar

Clinical nurse specialist in movement disorder surgery, University Hospital Birmingham

Christopher Tyler was 50 when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. 'My world fell apart,' he recalls. 'I didn't respond to medication, had a relatively young family and a business that I couldn't drive forward. Nurse Jamilla Kausar was my saviour.' Following a successful operation, he faced a battle to map a device implanted in his brain with his DNA. Ms Kausar, a movements disorder surgery clinical nurse specialist in the neurosciences department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, was his rock throughout the process. 'This journey was only made possible with my guardian angel Jamilla, who works long hours, is always available on the phone and comes in on her days off to meet patients,' he says.

Jill Whibley

D. Jill Whibley

Frequent service user manager, Kent Community Health Foundation Trust

A woman whose self-harm made her a frequent visitor to A&E has nominated a 'flexible, motivational, empowering and caring nurse' for the Patient's Choice award. The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, has been seeing nurse Jill Whibley for a year. Ms Whibley, a nurse with Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust, works with people identified as having high attendance at A&E to understand their underlying needs. 'Many patients Jill sees, including myself, have mental health issues and self-harm by cutting,' says the patient. 'Jill is such a good listener and has many ideas around signposting. In the past I had nowhere to turn.'

Lucy Jane Taylor

E. Lucy Jane Taylor

Clinical nurse specialist, Teenage and Young Adult Unit, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

A professor of nursing has nominated the nurses who looked after her 24-year-old daughter from the time of her diagnosis until she died of colorectal cancer 14 months later, making her feel loved and enabling her to have a good death. Fiona Irvine says the care given to her daughter Primrose by the team at the teenage and young adult unit at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in the Wirral was outstanding. Clinical nurse specialist for teenagers and young adults Lucy Jane Taylor - with senior staff nurses Luke Millward-Browning, Charlotte Edgar, Natalie Jones, Joanne Connell and Sarah Smith - had excellent clinical skills and were confident in their practice and highly skilled in the delivery of care, she says.